Pineapple Cookies

I have not had these cookies in forever, but last night was having a craving for something sweet & these were on my baking to-do list.  I actually don’t find them to be so “pineappley”, but more just sweet & kind of cake-like.  I’ve modified my mom’s recipe to make them wheat-/gluten-free, as I have … More Pineapple Cookies

Nutritional Info

I have been a member of SparkPeople since fall 2007 & have used their website to lose approx. 80 lbs (although in the past year I’ve gained ~20-25 lbs back after I started putting work ahead of my health again and stopped tracking my weight, food, and exercise). I’ve started tracking again & with all … More Nutritional Info

Baby Frittatas!

  So, I had seen recipes for these floating around the web & decided to give it a try.  I was surprised at how delicious they are given how crazy easy they are to make.  Perfect for a quick breakfast!  I’ve made a largish batch & am storing them in the fridge so that I … More Baby Frittatas!