Vintage Apartment Love

I’m moving!!  I’ve recently changed careers and managed to find myself a new home in beautiful Santa Barbara.

The view from Stern's Wharf
The view from Stern’s Wharf

Ah..the vintage apartments.  Swoon!  I may never leave SoCal simply because of the abundance of this type of architecture 😉  And I got one with an original O’Keefe & Merritt stove!!!!!  I’m in mid century heaven 🙂

Vintage O'Keefe & heart's all a flutter
Vintage O’Keefe & Merritt…my heart’s all a flutter
Look!  Vintage cooking instructions!  I'll never roast a thing though....
Look! Vintage cooking instructions! I’ll never roast a thing though….
Classic tiled kitchen
Classic tiled kitchen
Little shelves, perfect for adorable potted plants
Little shelves, perfect for adorable potted plants
Original kitchen floor...I'm not sure how one loves a kitchen floor, but I do :)
Original kitchen floor…I’m not sure how one loves a kitchen floor, but I do 🙂

I also have a fantastic mint green bathroom (!!!!!) with an original thermador wall heater (which I’ve nicknamed the toilet toaster).  While not the pink bathroom I was secretly hoping for, I am so in love with it.

Original wall heater!
Original wall heater!
Mint bathroom!
Mint bathroom!
Mint bathroom!
More mint bathroom 🙂

I will not only be living in the kitchen & bathroom, but the other rooms are not so interesting until I’ve actually moved in & furnished them…soon!


9 thoughts on “Vintage Apartment Love

  1. Couple of things:
    1. You could roast potatoes or other root vegetables. Its easy, they are yummy, and you could then utilize the handy directions your stove has provided for you.
    2. How exactly did you get those pictures of the bathroom where it looks like you are in the ceiling? My imagination has provided me with a visual of you taping your camera to a long stick (duct tape of course) and using another to some how press the button (the second stick may be more akin to that claw thing Nanna used to have to reach things without getting up).
    3. Does that stove actually have 4 compartments on it? I’m confused…
    4. The next time you gloat about the weather I am going to mail you dog turds.
    5. I’m glad you are happy. 😉

    1. 1. The roasting directions on the stove are for roast beef (blech)…I will likely use the directions for baking a potato or sweet potato, though.
      2. My photographer was 6’5″, with very long arms, and thought an aerial view of the bathroom was necessary…no claw-thingy needed.
      3. The stove actually has 3 compartments. Left: an oven with a door that swings open to the left like a normal door. Right: the top is an oven & the bottom is a broiler.
      4. Did I gloat about the weather? I said it was beautiful & posted a pic of the ocean…you drew your own conclusions.
      5. Thanks 🙂

  2. p.s. I’ll be needing your new address. You know, so I can mail you… ah, er… presents and stuff. 😉

  3. SO glad to have found your post while searching for tips to clean a vintage Thermador wall heater. I own a 1940’s home in SoCal. I LOVE the original pink tile in the bathroom, working Thermador wall heater, original door knobs and other original details throughout the home and sometimes feel frustrated that where I see timeless beauty and quality, others see old and outdated. By the way, I have incorporated modern touches, but people openly comment about why I haven’t ripped the tile out for the trend du jour, like granite. Thank you for your post.

  4. Ok so I have the same type of kitchen flooring and I’m trying to figure out what material it is so that in can restore it! Do you have any idea?! Mine is a different color and has a ton of build up, but I think it would be so sweet if I can make it look new again. I have mustard yellow tiles up the walls too, and original wood cabinets. Help!

    1. Sorry that I can’t help! We moved out of that apartment over a year ago–it was cleaned when we left, but I do not know if the owners of the apartment complex did anything else to it over the years to keep it in good condition. I hope you’re able to restore your floor! I absolutely love vintage floors & tiles & cabinets 🙂

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