New Favorite Music

Poppies are the happiest flower ever!

Spotted these poppies at work the other day…just so pretty & happy!  Life is going pretty well in SB.  I’ve settled in & am enjoying myself.  I still have not made it to the farmer’s market, despite much peer pressure on the behalf of my work friends, but it’ll eventually happen.

I’ve been on a new music kick lately.  It happens sometimes…  Anyway, thought I’d share some recent discoveries (yes, I realize that everyone else in the world discovered these ages ago, but still).

Here’s a song I heard on a friend’s radio show that I have been bopping around to at work for the past few days:

This friend knows my love of all things 60’s-70’s & suggested a couple of newer artists to me:

And here’s one of my favorite songs ever (not a new discovery, but just felt like listening to it this morning…man, I love that album)

Happy Saturday!


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