Rose Bowl Flea Market

Rose Bowl Flea Market

rosebowlI lived in Pasadena for 3.5 years before I moved to SB.  My favorite activity on the second Sunday of every month was attending the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  I’ve been missing it since I moved, so the weekend before last I drove down to Pasadena.  Spotted Emily Henderson (from HGTV) right away, eyeing a chair at one of my favorite booths that I would have absolutely been eyeing if she wasn’t sitting in it.  I did not run up to her & say “OMG, I follow you on Pinterest!!”…but it took some willpower.  I follow these directions (the infamous zig-zag) for navigating through the flea market…I have it down to a science (an art?) and can get through everything I want to see in 2-3 hours.

It's crazy there!
It’s insane there!

I’ve seen all sorts of crazy things over the years & have certainly bought some of my favorite pieces there.  The craziest things I spotted on this trip were these missiles…at two different vendors!



I also saw this chair, which I kind of love, but I don’t need another chair in the apartment.


And these amazing string lamps, but again, no need 😦



This piece of art is all embroidery & looked like it was all french knots, so cool:


The only thing I purchased this time was this fantastic vintage macrame plant hanger with plant from Recycculents.

planthangerShe also takes vintage housewares & uses them as planters—swoon!  Now I kinda want to do this as a sort of room divider…

Previous trips have rewarded me with various pieces of furniture, housewares, and art (as well as accessories for costumes):




Other items I’ve spotted there and loved (but not bought):




More crazy things I’ve spotted over the years:











I think I may try to make this a monthly pilgrimage—it’s something that really makes me happy.


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