String Art (Symmography)

I’m obsessed with string art.  Not sure when it started, but it goes with my love of all things retro.  I strung a piece directly onto the wall in my old apartment, inspired by this post over at Apartment Therapy.

Yarn & Nails!

Unfortunately, the apartment complex was not too happy about the number of nail holes in the wall when I moved out (I tried my best to patch them!) and I paid quite a sum for the earthquake friendly wall art.  I’ve been meaning to re-create my artwork in the new apartment, but this time on wood panels and instead of one large piece I want to do three.

Stain & Polyurethane

The thing that has been holding me up is staining the wood…just haven’t gotten around to it.  Finally bought the stain Friday & got to work yesterday morning.  I used panels of oak plywood cut to my preferred size by a friend & two coats of Varathane Premium Woodstain in Red Mahogany–it’s a water-based stain (no worries of accidental combustion of rags) with no noticeable vapors (I do have the windows open anyway), so it’s easily usable in my apartment.  I’ve followed that with a coat of water-based satin polyurethane to seal the stained wood.

First experience with wood staining--finished & quite happy with it.

Now for the fun part!  I have three designs that I downloaded ages ago, so I just had to roughly draw where the nails need to go, hammer the nails in & the string them up!  Here’s the first one, I’ll get to the other two next weekend & will post them then.

Stringing the yarn
The finished artwork!

3 thoughts on “String Art (Symmography)

    1. lol…I’ve been wondering that myself, but haven’t had any complaints. I want to do a few more pieces & completely fill in the area, so we’ll see if I hear any when I get that going 🙂

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