String Art (Symmography)—Part 2

In my previous blog entry I started my string art projects.  I stained the wood for all three pieces and finished stringing the first one.  Now I’ve completed the other two as well.  The patterns I’ve used for my first two pieces are from Designing in String by Robert Sharpton (1972).

Pattern 1: Free Form
Pattern 2: Teardrop









There are resources all over the internet for this technique & I think my favorite is a *.pdf instruction sheet that appears to be for a string art merit badge.  I like it because it goes into how the technique works and allows for more flexibility & creativity so that you can design your own instead of following patterns.  It also covers basics like tying off, etc.  I’m actually going to use it’s “more complex triangles” example for my third piece because it reminds me of a piece of string art I spotted at the Rose Bowl Flea Market June 2010 that I have been thinking about ever since.

More Complex Triangles
String art @ the Rose Bowl Flea Market, June 2010
(check out those bar stools too!)

The finished pieces:

String Art #1
String Art #2









String Art #3
String Art Trio



Hi all, haven’t done any string art in awhile, but I’ve begun drawing & painting mandalas.  I’m even teaching workshops in the Los Angeles area.  Please visit to learn more!!

BrilliantAqua Mandala


4 thoughts on “String Art (Symmography)—Part 2

  1. that one at the flea market is impressive..i like the circle one you’ve done, i’m going to try one like that..are you using wool, crochet cottons?..i’ve found a thread thats cotton but due to the way its made it sort of looks like silk, has a special name but i cant remember it at the moment .some use fluroscent thread that glows under black light, but i haven’t been able to find a place to buy some.

    1. I love the flea market one, but it was all dusty & dirty from years in someone’s garage, I’d guess & expensive too.
      Thanks! the circle/teardrop one is probably my favorite–I actually did another piece which I haven’t put up here using the same technique, but finishing off the circles instead of leaving them as teardrops. The aqua & lime green are a type of really fine yarn that I’ve had for years and used in the original piece I did on the wall in the old apartment–I have never been able to find it again, but it’s similar to sock-weight yarn–it gets fuzzy though. I used DMC perle cotton #5 for all of the other colors except for the pink-red color at the center of the teardrop, which was regular DMC embroidery floss (all 6 strands). Out of what I’ve tried, I like the DMC perle cotton #5 the best–I like the color options, weight & texture and there’s a lot of yardage in a skein (27.3 yd), so you don’t have to tie off so frequently. I keep looking at crochet cotton, but I don’t like the color options I’ve seen.
      DMC makes a glow-in-the dark embroidery floss which you could blend into the daytime color you wish to use–maybe Amazon has it?

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