Father McCartney’s Egg Nog (a.k.a. Rocket Fuel Egg Nog)

My parent’s wedding pic…November 26, 1977

Today is my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary!!  I thought that, as a tribute, i’d take the opportunity to share an egg nog recipe from the priest that married them.  The nickname is from my sister recently proclaiming that the egg nog is not far from rocket fuel based on the high alcohol content…she’s a propulsion engineer, so I’ll take her word for it 🙂

Father McCartney’s Egg Nog (a.k.a. Rocket Fuel Egg Nog)
20 large eggs, separated
24 oz. powdered sugar, sifted
24 oz. light rum
2 qt. Seagram’s 7
8 qt. milk

Beat egg yolks until they look like silk.
Gradually add powdered sugar after well mixed.
Add rum, then Seagram’s 7.
Mix well & pour into a large container (new, clean trash can).
Constantly stir & add milk at the same time, slowly.
Pour into glass bottles with funnel.
Tightly cap & keeps for 1 year.

Smaller batch:
5 large eggs, separated
6 oz. powdered sugar
6 oz. light rum
1/2 qt. Seagram’s 7
1 qt. milk

Eggnog & some candy from my last post



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