Vacation Part Two: Port Douglas

This is Part Two in my four part series about my vacation this August.  You can see the other posts here:

Part One:  Great Barrier Reef

Part Three:  Stranded in Palm Cove

Part Four:  Mandala Magic Retreat in Ubud


I spent the next part of my trip in Port Douglas, QLD.  Of course, I stayed at the beautiful Pink Flamingo Resort.  I couldn’t resist.

Mandala inspired by my surroundings…

IMG_7041 IMG_7044 IMG_7047 IMG_7167

I booked a ton of day trips from Port Douglas as I was most excited to see the wildlife of Australia.  So, I went to the Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation on my first day.  I got to see crocodiles and a cassowary, and pet a wallaby.

IMG_7062 IMG_7077 IMG_7086 IMG_7127 IMG_7152

In the evening I went to the Flames of the Forest dinner, where I heard an aboriginal dreamtime story about wallabies.

Mandala inspired by Flames of the Forest



The next day I went to Mossman Gorge and went on an aboriginal cultural tour:

Smoking ceremony before entering the rainforest
Covered in mud before venturing into the ocean to spear fish crabs
Had to walk through this to get to the ocean
Our tour guide, holding up our afternoon snack

After spear fishing crabs at Cooya Beach, we headed back to the Walker Brother’s family home to cooked up the crab & chat with the family.  It was such a great experience!!!

Mandala inspired by the Aboriginal artwork exhibit at Mossman Gorge

My third day tour was to Kuranda, where I wandered the village, went to the Koala park, and to Rainforestation.

View from the skyrail

IMG_7242 IMG_7254 IMG_7288 IMG_7291 IMG_7308 IMG_7314 IMG_7332 IMG_7339

I spent my final day hanging out in Port Douglas, just exploring.  Found lots of woo-y shops & an adorable cafe with vintage doily dreamcatchers:

IMG_7352 IMG_7354

Stay tuned for the next leg of my trip…Stranded in Palm Cove.



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